Why Plan Ahead?

Why Plan Ahead

There’s a lot that goes into planning a funeral, but making those arrangements beforehand gives you time to consider all of your options and make sure that you’re covering all of the necessary details. Still feeling unsure? Here are some of the most important reasons why planning ahead may be the best option.

Peace of mind for you. A gift of love for your family.


You can be assured we will help you every step of the way.

Have you ever had to make arrangements for a loved one after his or her death occurred? If you answer "yes", then you already know what a difficult and emotional time that can be. You may also know about the financial burden that can be placed upon a family if they are not prepared.

  • Planning your own funeral in advance will relieve loved ones of the emotional responsibility of making arrangements after death has occurred.
  • In most instances, it will eliminate a financial burden for your loved ones. Preplanning your funeral is an important part of financial planning.
  • Preplanning eliminates doubt in two important ways: you and your loved ones are assured you have the arrangements you want.

Addressing so many decisions in advance - when you are emotionally and financially prepared to handle them - just makes sense. Preplanning offers peace of mind to you and is truly a gift of love to your family.

What is the difference between pre-planning and pre-paying?

When you pre-plan, you do not need to pay for everything in advance - your family or your estate can pay for the services at the rates being charged when your funeral is held. When your plan is complete, the funeral director will keep it on file until it is needed.

When you prepay, you complete your arrangements and work with a member of our staff to choose a payment option that best suits your needs.

Prepaid funerals are funded through life insurance (especially designed for this purpose) or through a trust. Either way, the services, and merchandise are guaranteed. This means the family will not owe more on services and merchandise selected regardless of price increases that may occur.

Plans may be made irrevocable in situations where someone needs to - or may need to in the future - qualify for Medicaid assistance.

If I prearrange my funeral and prepay, what happens to my plan if I move?

Prepaid funds, whether paid into insurance or a trust, are transferrable and paid to the funeral home that provides the service... regardless of where the prearrangement was originally made.

How do I preplan? What do I need to do?

Simply call the funeral home and schedule an appointment. In a relaxed and comfortable setting, a member of our staff will assist you and answer any questions you may have. You will receive an itemized copy of the charges for the services and merchandise you select. This allows you to see specific charges... eliminating any confusion. There is no charge for the consultation and, of course, there is no obligation.

We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information about preplanning services for yourself or for a loved one. We can be reached directly at 865-524-0331, or via email, or through our confidential online information request form.


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